Dealing With Pelvic Pain

Make Sure To Consult With A Physical Therapist The Soonest

When a person is experiencing pain, especially pelvic pain, it can be a scary and frustrating time. Pelvic pain may cause you to fear the worst, such as having cancer or being infertile. You probably have wondered if there’s something wrong with your reproductive organs that would explain the constant ache in your lower abdomen.

As uncomfortable as pelvic pain may feel, there are usually physical reasons behind it (other than pregnancy). Usually, no matter what is causing the pain, most women find relief when they go to see their doctor for an exam. In some cases, you may be referred to a physical therapist as part of your treatment plan for pelvic pain.

If you have been experiencing pelvic pain for longer than six months or if your symptoms worsen after more than six months, you should discuss the matter with a doctor. Some causes of pelvic pain include:

– Endometriosis

– Ovarian cysts

– Interstitial cystitis

When you talk to a physical therapist, he or she should be able to help determine what is causing the pelvic pain and how it can best be treated. There are many different types of treatments for pelvic pain including medication, acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise prescription, and dietary changes.


How Long Is The Healing To Pelvic Pain

A physical therapist can help alleviate the pain and ensure you heal well. The length of time it takes to heal pelvic floor pain will vary for each individual. A physical therapist should be able to provide an estimate as to how long this process could take, depending on your specific case. Remember, if you experience chronic pelvic pain lasting for longer than six months, consult with a doctor immediately.

Chronic Pelvic Pain Can Be Very Frustrating

If you have been dealing with pelvic pain for a longer period of time, the process of finding effective treatments may be very frustrating. Many women do not know where to turn or what is causing their discomfort in their genital region. Don’t get discouraged! There are many things that can cause pelvic pain, but don’t assume it must be something very serious.

Treating Pelvic Pain

A physical therapist can help you determine what is causing your pelvic pain and develop a specific treatment plan to get rid of it. Remember, this process may take time depending on the cause, severity, and duration of the discomfort, check more on pelvic floor therapy for more information.

If the pelvic pain is more than six weeks or if this type of discomfort worsens after six weeks, there’s no need to wait any longer! Make an appointment with your doctor. Many different conditions can cause pelvic pain (such as endometriosis), but not all conditions require surgery to reduce or eliminate the discomfort associated with it. It is important that you do not ignore this type of pain because it could be caused by something serious.