Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the incredible dry-run capability of the Dixon Pump tri-lobe impeller technology!  Have a look at our TRI-LOBE IMPELLER VIDEO to get a quick overview of our pump design and how it works.

Our pumps can do amazing things when it comes to dry-lift performance, drawing fluid through long empty piping, or just when someone forgets to turn the pump off!  The secret to our succes is our innovatibe tri-lobe impeller design.....there are two key design elements contributing to our amazing dry-run performance....

  • our proprietary engineered resin is tough.....it takes a beating and handles heat very well.
  • spring-loaded vanes rebound into the impeller slot when necessary, while keeping pressure up against the pump housing.  This creates a tight seal, resulting in unparallelled  vacuum performance.
We have run pumps without any fluid in the chamber for over 20 days without any issues, so we know our pump can handle extreme situations and provide exceptional performance.  Our INVERTED "U" DRY-LIFT VIDEO shows what dry-run capability allows us to do. Have a look! ….and feel free to browse or website for more information.

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