The following troubleshooting guide is designed to provide solutions to the most common issues end users may have with a Blade Master® pump. If you are encountering an issue with your pump not listed in this guide, or if the solutions below do not resolve your problem, please contact us or submit your problem electronically and you will be contacted by Dixon Pumps.

Will Not Pump With Motor Running

Probable Cause Solution
Trying to self-prime over 6 feet vertical lift Reduce lift to 6 feet or install a check valve at end of inlet line
Pump impellers are not sealing properly Squirt approximately 2 (two) tablespoons of oil in outlet of pump coating the impellers completely
Line plugged or filter clogged Flush line and clean filter
Suction line flush on bottom of drum or tank Suction line needs minimum 1 inch clearance on all sides
Loose, unsealed fittings Check all fittings for proper sealing
Loose bands or pin holes in the hoses Check banding and hose for proper sealing
Bypass valve stuck open Remove ends on bypass valve and check for any lodged objects in the spring or valve seat
To check the bypass remove the 8 allen head bolts at the top of the pump on the bypass chamber. Remove and look inside to see if the spring is broken or if the plastic plunger has any holes in it. Hold the plastic up to the light to see. Even a hair line crack will be enough to cause the pump not to prime. If everything else is OK in the bypass you will need to check the pump housing and wiper blades for wear.
Something is stuck in the plunger Remove 8 allen head bolts, look at the plunger and check for debris in the plunger
Broken or damaged spring Check spring condition when bypass is removed
Spring pressure Bypass may be opening too soon depending on what weight of spring is being used
Bad wiper blades Replace wiper blades

Poor Product Flow

Probable Cause Solution
Spring pressure Depending on how far the product is being pumped the weight of the spring may need to be replaced (i.e. replace 20 lb. spring with 50 lb. spring)
Vacuum leak Check connections from the product to the inlet of the pumpSuction tube on the bottom of the tankTube needs to be at least one inch from the bottom of the tank

Will Not Pump With Motor Running

Probable Cause Solution
Motor is running but pump is not Remove the one inch cap plugs and check if shaft is turning. If the shaft is not turning, the problem is in the gear reducer

Motor Tripping Circuit Breaker or Overloaded Protector Shutting Motor Off

Probable Cause Solution
Circuit breaker too small amperage or overloaded Blade Master Pumps requires 20 amps. 110V/220V 7.5 amps. Check power outlet to make sure that the pump is supplied with the proper voltage and amperage
Outlet hose or pipe too long, creating too much head pressure 1500 Series can only create 30 P.S.I. maximum head pressure
Inlet/Outlet has been reduced The inlet outlet should NOT BE ANY SMALLER THAN 1.5 INCHES ON 1500 SERIES OR 2 INCH ON 2000 SERIES
Pumping too viscous of a product Make sure you have the right DIXON PUMPS MODEL for your application
Power cord too long Increase the gauge of wire used on extension cord (regular extension cord gauge is too small)

Pump is Not Producing The Proper Volume of Product

Probable Cause Solution
Bypass is opening (if equipped with bypass kit) Bypass will open with 20 P.S.I head pressure- Contact factory for heavier bypass spring
Inlet/Outlet has been reduced When inlet/outlet is reduced the flow rate will decrease- DO NOT REDUCE SMALLER THAN 1.5 INCH ON 1500 SERIES OR 2 INCH ON 2000 SERIES
REMEMBER: The longer your outlet hose or pipe and the more head pressure required will reduce the gallons per minute flow rate

Fluid Coming From Weep Holes

Probable Cause Solution
Bad Seals Replace Seals
Note: If you are pumping a non-lubricant, gas, solvents, etc. The bearings and shaft will be damaged

Pump is Too Noisy

Probable Cause Solution
Cavitation is occurring; This means the input is not enough to supply the output Replace input hose with a larger diameter hose or shorter length hose.or Replace gear reducer with a slower gear reducer

Leaks Between Castings

Probable Cause Solution
Pinched or improperly installed O ring Replace O ring. Oil the ring when installing to keep it in place

How do I reverse the pump?

To reverse pump remove the bypass, turn it 180 degrees, and bolt it back on.

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