Bulk Transfer

The most common application for Dixon Pumps is “bulk transfer”. When there is a requirement for transferring large volumes of fluids, our positive displacement pump is a great choice for transferring at flow rates up to 180 gallons per minute.

Applications include:

  • Truck and Rail On-loading/Off-loading – large storage facilities use pumps to fill tanks from trucks or rail cars. When it's time to fill the truck or rail car with fluids, piping is often equipped with bypass and valve configurations to reverse the flow. Unlike other pumps, the Dixon pump will provide full flow in the reverse direction by implementing variable frequency drive, thereby avoiding complex pipe and valve systems.
  • Bulk Rack Loading – at oil/fuel terminals and refineries, trucks are filled
  • Tote Filling – many bulk facilities need to distribute fluids from large containers into smaller totes.
Bulk Transfer Tanks
Bulk Transfer Tanks
Bulk Transfer Rail Cars
Bulk Transfer Rail Cars

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