Founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1979, Dismas Pumps began with one hand-driven pump, the Dismas Super Hercules. The Super Hercules pump proved itself as “The World’s Greatest Hand Pump”, and quickly became an international name in hand –driven transfer.

Dismas Pumps was purchased in 1984 by Randy Dixon, who foresaw the market potential for a line of motorized pumping systems based on the Super Hercules design. Research and development soon began on the new design, and the first motorized transfer pumps were introduced in 1988. Designed for refueling diesel powered equipment and transferring other light viscous products, the GP8 Series of transfer pumps set a new standard for motorized transfer. The new motorized systems received national attention at the PEI convention in 1989 and were enthusiastically received by the petroleum industry based on the high volume output, low energy requirements, and portability following their release.

Dismas Pumps continued to invest in research and development, and quickly expanded the product offering to include multiple sizes of pump heads that ran on AC, DC, and gas powered motors. By 1993, Dismas had also introduced a line of explosion proof transfer pumps capable of safe product transfer in explosive environments. In 2002, Dismas Pumps changed the company name to Dixon Pumps and continued to offer the innovative design and customer-centric engineering that loyal Dismas customers had come to expect for more than 20 years. By 2007 Dixon Pumps had completed the development of the Mobile Tank Cleaning System (MTCS) and the Filtration System. These systems have since become known as the only name in tank cleaning and filtration, and continue to be known for reliability, quality, and effectiveness.

In September 2016, the assets of Dixon Pumps were purchased by Shaw Development, LLC, a global fluids management specialist providing innovative component and system level solutions to OEM’s within commercial, military, heavy duty ground vehicle and aerospace markets. Shaw’ specializes in Making Fluid Function in custom engineered solutions for niche applications. The assets of Dixon Pumps form the basis of a new company that is Dixon Pumps, a Shaw Development Company.

Today Dixon Pumps continues to manufacture the highest quality transfer pumps, tank cleaning, and filtration systems available. Our reputation as an industry leader in quality and reliability has been part of the Dixon Pumps culture for more than 30 years, and will continue to guide the engineering and design that goes into every new product. Today, Blade Master® pumps are used around the world in countless applications, and our products are relied on across a range of industries to get the job done. Dixon Pumps continues to develop new and innovative products to satisfy the constantly changing needs of our customers.

With an aggressive research and development program, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Dixon Pumps looks to the future confident that we will continue to produce some of the finest equipment available anywhere.


Environmental Policy Statement - Dixon Pumps is committed to protecting the environment as a part of its business practice.

Compliance - We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and permits and will implement procedures to assure compliance.

Prevention - We will employ procedures and systems designed to prevent activities or conditions that pose threats to the environment. We will minimize risk and protect our employees and the community in which we operate.

Communication - We will communicate our commitment to environmental protection to our employees, all persons working on behalf of the company and the public. We will ask for our employees help in meeting our goals.

Continuous Improvement - We will continuously seek opportunities to improve our understanding and adherence to these principles.

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