The “Inverted U”

If you’ve seen our dry-lift video, you’ll know that there just isn’t a pump out there better at lifting fluids through a dry pipe or hose.

One of the most challenging applications is the “Inverted U”, typically found in top-fill tanks, and rail loading/unloading operations where the suction or fill pipe leads up and out of the vessel, over the edge, and down to a platform. In many cases, a submersible pump is dropped into the tank, but there are flow limitations for this solution, and access for maintenance and repair is difficult. Having a high flow positive displacement pump on the platform at the base of the tank or in a mobile vehicle or trailer provides more flow and easier access to the pump…..if only the pump could create a strong enough vacuum to pull the fluid up and over the top! That may be a problem for other positive displacement pumps, but not for us. Our 2” pump can lift 30W oil up and over the top of a 20 foot tank!

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